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Jason Burgess


I knew from an early age that working with my hands was a passion of mine. With my father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather being in construction all of their lives, it paved the way for me to purse my own path in this industry. Since my father has had his own business for years in South Carolina, I saw firsthand how much he enjoyed being a business owner. I knew that owning my own business is what I wanted to do one day. I chose Wilmington as my starting point to launch my business because I fell in love with the area and because I saw so much potential owning a business in this town. I believe with my 12 plus years in the residential remodeling industry, my attention to detail, and my overwhelming passion for people, I can personally create an impact on my community. I have had the pleasure of helping rebuild several homes that were damaged from the devastating hurricane that impacted Wilmington and surrounding areas in 2018. I feel that the relationships I have built with my clients through learning their individual stories, has solidified my intent to call Wilmington home.

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